Database Family Tree

A database family tree

There are so many different databases and I’ve struggled keeping them all organized. I wanted a way to organize the options out there and better understand their historical relationships to each other so I wrote up this database family tree. The databases I chose to add to this tree are either historically significant, databases that are popular, or databases that I have a particular interest in.

  • 1970’s: First relational models described and implemented
  • 1980’s/90’s: Rise of the relational SQL databases
  • 2000’s: Rise of non-relational distributed databases
  • 2010’s: Rise of relational/SQL distributed databases

Teachings From the Family Tree

Most interesting to me are are the arrows in the family tree that show relationships. For example, MySQL has an arrow pointing to MariaDB. After MySQL was acquired by Oracle in 2010, the original creator of MySQL, Michael Widenius, forked it and called it MariaDB. I guess he isn’t a fan of Oracle.

Forget anything

Are there any databases missing from the family tree? Or any missing relationships?



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